Our qualified coaches

Steve GillinghamJane GeorghiouJane Georghiou and Steve Gillingham are our qualified UK Athletics Level Two coaches and are insured to lead sessions in endurance events.

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How they obtained their qualification

They first took a one-day Level One introductory course which was an introduction to coaching skills, with a major emphasis on the ‘how to coach’ skills rather than the ‘what to coach’ skills. This qualified and insured them to coach under the supervision of an athletics coach qualified to Level Two or above.

The Level Two course initially involved a two day core element which covered:

They then undertook a period of supported practice and completed five session planner and evaluation sheets to document this. (Both were given most supportive and helpful advice from coaches at Aldershot and Farnham A.C. for this.)

This was followed by an event specific day taken 6-8 weeks after the core module. They both chose the endurance module to learn about the specific techniques involved with endurance running events (as well as steeplechase and racewalking!) and how to coach them.

Following this they were assessed while delivering a short coaching session which they had prepared previously.

Having qualified they are encouraged to keep up to date with new ideas through their own reading and research.

Training sessions they run

Jane runs our Tuesday evening "Improve your speed" training session.

Both also provide training advice on an ad-hoc basis to Club members.

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