Club training sessions

Sunday mornings

9:30am from the Club House

When a big race is not on, Sundays are for those long, slow training runs. We run out from the clubhouse into the surrounding countryside, making as much use as possible of the wide variety of terrain on the commons of Frensham, Tilford, Hankley or Crooksbury (amongst others).

Tuesday evenings - "Improve your speed" - winter sessions

6:30pm - see below for venues

The sessions will last up to one hour and start with a flat warm up. All standards of runner are welcome, though it is not recommended unless you have been running for at least 3 months and are currently running at least three times per week.

Why do it? Hill and flat speed training should help develop leg strength, so you can generate more force per stride and don’t tire so easily, it should improve your running technique and help you to develop a quick cadence.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried anything like this before as we are keen to introduce runners to this type of training.

Hill rep sessions - every Tuesday except 2nd and last in the month:

We meet at 6.30pm at the "Woodbourne", Weybourne Road junction near All Hallows in Weybourne.

This session will start at 6.40pm for those who run there as a warm up.

Flat speed sessions - every 2nd and last Tuesday in the month:

We will be doing a flat speed session on the industrial road behind Water Lane Sainsbury’s (meet by Alligator Storage Warehouse, GU9 9NP).

This session will start at 6.40pm for those who run there as a warm up, or 6.30 for those who drive there and need to warm up first.

If you have any queries please email:

Wednesday evenings

7pm from the Club House

Six to seven groups generally form up - those who want to go further or faster and those who'd like to keep it steady.

During the winter the runs are mostly around Farnham town where we can find street lighting. Longer runs are out to Aldershot or Badshot Lea for those who want to.

During the summer months the runs can be on a variety of terrain over the many commons within easy reach of the clubhouse. Again, the distances and speeds can vary according to needs and ability.

Distances range from 5 to 11 miles at 10 minute mile pace and faster up to 6 to 7 minute mile pace. If you have not reached these standards yet please email us for advice about how Farnham Runners can help you.

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