What we do

Farnham Runners - ready for another race!We run... We run for fitness and we run for fun!

We train in and around the beautiful commons of Frensham, Tilford, Hankley and Crooksbury amongst others, as well as making forays into Farnham Park and over to Aldershot.

We attend a wide variety of local and not so local races, and compete in two leagues.

We host the Alice Holt Forest Races every year. There are also some 'club-specific' races that we arrange as well as an annual 'Grand Prix'.

If you new to running then we do also offer our Couch-to-5km course (formerly "Absolute Beginners"), which is specifically designed to take you through to running a 5km (3 mile) distance over a 9 week period. It will also introduce you to the club, its club sessions and your fellow runners. At the successful end of your course, you will be ready to join our established running groups to continue your development.

Grand Prix League

Bognor 10K raceThe Grand Prix is a competition for members of Farnham Runners to encourage friendly competition within the club and to encourage runners of all abilities to participate in the two leagues that the club competes in. There are many prizes and trophies that can be won by anyone.

By competing in the Grand Prix leagues, you may qualify for one of the Club London Marathon places.

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Alice Holt Forest Races

Runners during Alice Holt 10K raceThis annual event is Farnham Runners very own races on the tracks and trails of the Alice Holt Forest. The club organise (and run in!) this popular local event every Autumn.

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Club Championship

Start of the Club ChampionshipThis annual event is usually held in June around the Bourne Woods 10km course. A tough race, but with a welcoming BBQ afterwards.

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Club Handicap

Competitors in fancy dressAn annual event held around Christmas / New Year where the fiendishly difficult task of allocating a handicap is always the cause of much muttering and amusement! This is the chance to run against and perhaps beat those 'racing snakes' on more even terms (i.e. without tying their shoelaces together...).

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Cross country and road race leagues

Cross country league raceWe compete in two leagues:


Photo of club houseWe meet at our Club House on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year for a variety of training sessions. We also run courses designed for those who have not really run before.

On Tuesday evenings there is an additional 'Improve Your Speed' session.

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Our annual club dinnerThe last Wednesday of every month is usually Club Supper night (unless we're off racing somewhere). The Club Supper evening is where we get to try out our fellow club members' cuisine.

On an ad-hoc basis we go out to local (and not so local) pubs for food, games and perhaps some running.

Every Christmas we hold an Annual Club Dinner and also the ever-popular 'Mince Pie' run for those serious about their drinking and running...

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